Friday, May 21, 2010

Yet More Winter

No cables on Half Dome for Memorial Day. I was in error, with old (insider) information that they'd be installed next week. The photo from the Snow Creek trail shows plenty of snow on the "sub-dome's" north slope; this makes trail work and travel to the base of the cables too dangerous still.
At the same time, the warmth of the past few days has brought the Merced to its highest volume yet, over 3500 cubic feet per second at the Valley's west end. The river has backed into all its tributary outlets. Wosky Pond is connected the river by flowing water at the surface.
The Valley still has lots of Miner's Lettuce and Varied-leaf Nemophila in flower as ground cover. Highway 140 is abloom with white flowers on Ceanothus integerrimus. Some cherries in the Valley have flowers. Cow parsnip in Cook's Meadow has leaves up to 10 inches long, but it's still less than 2 feet tall.

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