Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Indian Creek

The ephemeral Indian Creek has filled with snowmelt and is claiming its numerous channels at the east edge of Yosemite Village. There's the main creek that descends near the clinic and Tecoya housing, but that's not enough for this runoff. Yosemite Village is partly built on the torrent fan outwash from Indian Canyon; look at all the boulders around the clinic, above the post office and the Indian Village. This fan leaks water everywhere now; my favorite part of Indian Creek is where it runs the length of the Village Store parking lot. It just trickles out all along the broad fan in this part of the village, runs underneath the Yosemite Art and Education Center, drains across the road at Ahwahnee Meadow, and works with gravity to wet down the store parking lot on its way to the Merced. We try to civilize nature, but it doesn't work for long.


  1. I love this! Even with all the development in the Valley, nature still rules.