Thursday, November 10, 2016

Vote every day

Yosemite did not notice that there was an election this week. The falls kept pouring, leaves continued to drop, critters went about their business with no regard for what we think is important. New green grass brightens the Valley and El Portal, as our growing season commences. Half Dome looks virtually the same as it did when Washington was president.

October turned into quite a wet month. Yosemite Falls came roaring back to life in the most marked transition that I've observed - from months of absence to May-caliber runoff volume. We had two 2-year storms within a week, the river went from less than 20 cfs to going above 3000 cfs twice; it's since dropped a lot, but is still more full than average. High country roads were closed by snow but have since re-opened in a stretch of considerable warmth. A rockfall above Arch Rock closed Hwy. 140 for about 24 hours.

As Edward Abbey wrote, 'Nature may be indifferent to our love, but never unfaithful.' This sanctuary will always be here for us. What happens in D.C. is one thing but you can vote for Yosemite every day of the week by acting on your concerns for places like this. How you treat others, what work you do, what you do with your money and with your time, all make real differences for the world and the future. Vote often.