Thursday, May 20, 2010

More and more Spring

The excellent Dave Wyman took this unearthly photo of a favored place on Earth. His autumn YA photography course has filled, but there are plenty of other great ones, including Howard Weamer's August high country course. People on our September China national parks trip may well come home with images that compare to this.
A road crew friend told me he didn't think Tioga Road would be open for Memorial Day; avalanches are still a factor. Half Dome cables should get installed next week, in time for those who have permits for Memorial Day weekend. Mariposa Grove Road opens this Friday to all vehicles.
Senecio is in bloom along Southside Drive. Mallard and merganser ducklings have been seen in calm Valley waters this week. A lazuli bunting was singing atop a still-leafing-out black oak near Cook's Meadow earlier today. Birders on this morning's walk also got to compare Vaux's swift with violet-green swallow flight.
Bit of rain overnight. The river is coming up a bit, a little over average flow again, with Table Rock fully covered. Side streams are still increasing; water leaks on to the road near Fern Spring now and Sentinel Creek is the biggest it's been this season.

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  1. YNP web page ( says no cables up for Mem. Day Wkend.