Friday, June 7, 2013


We've had 4 days in a row of afternoon thunderclouds and rain in the high country.  Locals are reminded of the August monsoons.  We expect Yosemite Valley temperatures in the low 90's, with continued thunderstorm possibilities.
After a second dry winter, the park's watercourses are low.  The Merced River is running about 1/3 of average.  Yosemite Falls looks good now, but it's bound to dry up entirely by late summer.  Buckeyes in the lower canyon are browning already.  Clarkia is mostly gone: farewell to farewell-to-spring. 
A pair of wood ducks has been at Mirror Lake, but not seen nesting.  Mallards have their ducklings now.  Our morning birdwalks are still filled with singing tanagers, orioles and grosbeaks.  Several bears have been hit by cars recently, with at least one killed; those speed limits are there for good reasons. 
The new 'Snowplants' Yosemite Nature Notes video is remarkable; watch this space for the new posting in the next few days.
Geologist Greg Stock is sharing his expertise in a one-day geology course on June 15 in the Valley, and the photography course to Waterwheel Fall also has space available.