Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mist Trail Open

The Mist Trail to the top of Vernal Fall opens today. Lots of people have been ignoring the closed gate for the past week, but the considerable ice build-up during last week's cold shows why NPS didn't open it until now. More freezing could prompt a closure. The "Ice Cut" from Clark Point to the top of Nevada Fall is still closed.
Road crews have plowed all the way to Glacier Point, but still have a lot of clearing to do, to get two lanes fully open, and all the parking areas cleared of snow. The Tioga crew has pushed up to near the May Lake turn-off, still with 7-9 feet of snow.
May 1 snow surveys show the Tuolumne watershed with 141% and the Merced watershed with 134% of average water content in the snowpack. The Merced River almost hit 3000 cfs at Pohono Bridge last night and warmth for the next few days means our river will be getting to the exciting level.


  1. thanks for the photos and updates - as always WANT. to be THERE.

  2. Given the extra snow this year, how likely is it that the Half Dome cables will be up by Memorial Day? Any idea?

  3. It's still a good bet that Half Dome cables will be up for Memorial Day weekend. Remember: you need a permit for Half Dome day hikes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. -Pete