Friday, May 7, 2010

Head for the Hill's Studio

The Wawona Visitor Center is opening today for the summer. It's in the Hill's Studio next to the Wawona Hotel. If you haven't been in there since the new layout and exhibits were unveiled last spring, you really should make a stop on the way through Wawona. We were excited to have a huge Thomas Hill Yosemite painting prominently employed during the last presidential inauguration.
The road from Lee Vining is open to Tioga Pass, and plows have chewed down into Tuolumne Meadows from the east side. On the west, our guys have gotten the plows to Olmsted Point, where a very sensitive avalanche zone is found.
Blue skies with a healthy upcanyon breeze this morning. Western Wood Peewees are wheezing in the Valley. Dogwoods still coming along.


  1. The Tioga Pass eastside info is incorrect... as of Tuesday May 11th at noon, the lower gate is still closed.

  2. Thanks, Greg. A usually reliable source was misinformed. NPS crews have made it to Pothole Dome now.