Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turtleback Dome

Noel and I trudged through deep snow up to where two of our webcams are located and repositioned the east-facing camera from where recent winds had pushed it. A couple of weeks ago, during the latest of big rain/snow storms, there was a one-hour period when the wind averaged about 17 mph. Within this spell there were surely gusts that were in the mid-30's and perhaps as much as 50 mph, though the instrumentation here doesn't record that data. At least one of these gusts swiveled the camera to the north, giving a view of the forested slopes at the west end of the Valley. Now you can see El Cap and Half Dome again.
We had a few hours of light rain yesterday afternoon/evening but today was mostly clear and fairly mild. Badger Pass reports over 100" of snowpack.
All of the 2011 Outdoor Adventures programs are posted in our webstore now, and they'll be in the 'Experience Yosemite' part of our website soon. Think about one of these programs as a good, new reason to get to the park.
This coming weekend all national parks will observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by waiving entrance fees. The 15th-17th will all be free days to enter Yosemite. Now's a time to come see our popular park in the off-season, maybe to see it in a different way. Differences can be good things. Use your saved $20 in some generous way.


  1. when i saw steve's comment on facebook i realized that was you in the photo. how wonderful. thanks for all your work to restore our views.

  2. Thank you for the repair work. I missed that web cam view although the view of the trees and snow was interesting too.