Monday, January 31, 2011

Long Live Doug Hubbard

Doug Hubbard passed away in Texas recently, at the age of 92. He worked in Yosemite from 1952 to 1966, mostly as the park's Chief Naturalist. Among other things, Doug is the guy we can credit with creating the Pioneer Yosemite History Center (and those stagecoach rides) in Wawona, establishing the Nature Center at Happy Isles , writing the guidebook to the Yosemite Cemetery, and initiating the work of Julia Parker and others in demonstrating Indian cultural practices. He got the old train station from Bagby (and other rail history elements) moved upriver to El Portal, where it serves as the Yosemite Conservancy's office (where I write these words) today. We are lucky to have had forward thinkers like Doug working for us all those years ago.

Bit of rain and snow over the weekend, with the Valley getting a few inches of new coverage. Badger Pass reports 8 inches of new. El Portal has more and more flowers: above Rancheria Flat are found less than a handful of poppies, fiddlenecks, popcorn flower and peppergrass in bloom. Waterfall buttercups are blossoming profusely in the shady wet spots they prefer along the lower canyon. Elderberry and buckeye are starting to leaf out.


  1. another wonderful member of the yosemite family - how fantastic that he was so active and achieved so much while there. whenever i am in yosemite i always make the comment 'all our friends are here' - sometimes only in spirit but they are all in yosemite. thanks for sharing you knowledge of him on your blog.

  2. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words for my father, Doug Hubbard.

    For about a year prior to his death, I worked closely with him to make sense of the 15 years of photographic and written "Yosemite accounts" that he had collected.

    Though our website is far from finished, (will it ever really be?), we have made a good start I think.

    For those interested in a glimpse at our families story of living in Yosemite, it can be found at our website at:

    I hope that you enjoy it.
    David Hubbard