Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up to Half Dome

I took a full YC field seminar group up to Little Yosemite Valley to overnight and climb Half Dome this past weekend. Quite warm; the Merced was a welcome element in LYV. Even though it was clear and dry in Yosemite Valley, a broad cumulus mass on Friday afternoon poured rain into the upper watershed and the river almost doubled in volume and became quite turbid. Vernal's stretch of the Mist Trail was drenching - in mid-July! Conditions were a mix of May water and July heat.
The day use permit system limited the number of day hikers and my group (enthusiastically leaving our LYV camp at 4 a.m.) had the summit to itself for a while - unprecedented. Thank-you, George Anderson.

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  1. the only reason i haven't done half dome is the cables - i am not sure weather i would 'freeze' and have to turn back. my hubby has done it so many times - always camping in LYV. i have done clouds rest hike and loved that the view of the valley included half dome. my hubby said he liked the view from clouds rest better than half dome. but i have always been sad that i haven't done half dome but know *alas* the cables just aren't for me......