Thursday, July 15, 2010

Double Rainbow

Milkweed and sneezeweed are coloring Leidig Meadow with pink and gold. Bush lupine blooms in the west Valley. Above 9000' tiny Lewisia covers a lot of ground, but so much acreage is still thawing out from its snowcover that there's a lot of dormant terrain. Naturalist Michael Ross is leading a 'Tuolumne Alpine Studies' course for YC ( that still has room in it. It's the weekend of July 30-August 1; free park entry and free camping are included.
CBS did a nice piece the other day on park waterfalls having a big year. The river is still running 2.5 times its average volume for mid-July but more swimmers are getting in to that chilly water. Yosemite Falls still looks good but Staircase, Royal Arch, Ribbon and Sentinel Falls are shrinking away.
I am thoroughly enjoying park geologist Greg Stock's new book "Geology Underfoot in Yosemite." Up to date, very conversational, well illustrated, easy to follow - worth adding to your Yosemite bookshelf.


  1. I picked up a copy of "Geology Underfoot in Yosemite" at the Visitors' Center Bookstore earlier this week. The illustrations and photographs alone are worth the price of the book.

  2. I agree, it's a great new book on the geology

  3. i read about the book on geotrippers blog and want it very much. saw the cbs piece and it was a nice one. missing yosemite so much - knew i would when we moved back to michigan but did not know the extent that it would be. my heart longs to be in its home.