Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ice, Ice, Maybe

There's an exceptional accumulation of waterfall slurry ice below Yosemite Falls right now, and the whole amphitheater is closed for safety reasons. The stream of 'frazil' flow meanders dynamically and it'd be possible for someone to get into real trouble with this unstable landscape. We know it's not really 'frazil ice' because this slurry is formed of frozen waterfall mist/droplets, but it's remarkable, whatever we call it.
There's frazil deposition in Royal Arch Creek and Steve B. says there's frazil in Bridalveil and Ribbon Creeks.

There's also a very healthy snowpack at higher elevations, well above average in depth and water content. The Valley has lots of water from recent storms; there's almost a foot of snow on the ground but running water in Sentinel, Eagle, Royal Arch, Ribbon and other creeks. This wet winter bodes well for summertime waterfalls, some groundwater recharge, and perhaps a more normally-timed start to the fire season. We'll have to wait a few months to fully assess the end of the drought.

Meanwhile at lower elevations flowers are blooming in the Merced River canyon: fiddleneck, baby blue eyes, and a galaxy of waterfall buttercups can be found.

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