Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day in Yosemite

Park roads were very mellow before 9 this morning, but it'll be extra busy this afternoon and evening as visitors pour in for the long weekend. Good weather is expected.
It's warmed back up to "hot" now, after a cool spell last weekend which brought a few snowflakes to Tuolumne Meadows.
Datura still has some huge white blooms in El Portal, and gumplant is still yellow. There's still Madea in bloom at Cascades. Gin Flat, up at 7000' has lots of Solidago, Eriogonum, Yampah, Gayophytum, broad-leafed lupine in bloom - an exceptional flower season continues into September. Chinquapin is emitting its odd, musky odor now. If you haven't smelled this strange essence, now's the time for sniffing around at 6-7000'.
Leaves starting to turn color in the lower canyon now: spicebush, poison oak, grape, and redbud. Buckeye has long gone rusty brown.

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