Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Arrivals

Michael Ross reports a western kingbird and an ash-throated flycatcher in El Portal, in the Merced Canyon. Black-throated gray warblers are working their way up from El Portal, through the extensive live oak canopy toward the Valley, singing their buzzy song for the past couple of weeks. It's still chilly and leafless in the Valley, so the caterpillars on which the arriving warblers feast haven't really emerged yet. Aside from the versatile yellow-rumps, other insectivores are holding off their arrivals here. It won't be long, though.
Steve Bumgardner reports that yesterday was our 8th day of good frazil ice flow in Yosemite Creek. Watch for his terrific footage of frazil in action to be posted in the 'Photos and Multimedia' section of early next week. His "Yosemite Nature Notes" videos are an excellent resource.

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